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H1Z1 King of the Kill Assorted Vinyl Decal Set (20pc)

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H1Z1 King of the Kill Assorted Vinyl Decal Set (20pc)

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  • $10.00

Pimp out your case H1Z1 style! This listing includes twenty (20) assorted H1Z1 decals. Perfect for computer cases, makes an awesome gift for the H1Z1 gamer in your family!

Individual Decal Specific Dimensions:
H1Z1 (2pc): 4" (w) x 1.75" (h)
H1Z1 (stacked): 1.25" (w) x 2" (h)
Shotgun: 3.5" (w) x 0.5" (h)
AR15: 3.5" (w) x 1" (h)
Axe (2pc): 2" (w) x 0.6" (h)
AR15 Ammo: 1.25" (w) x 1.25" (h)
Shotgun Shells: 1.3" (w) x 1" (h)
Double Tap: 2.25" (w) x 1.25 (h)
Magnum: 1.25" (w) x 0.75" (h)
King of the Kill: 7.5" (w) x 1.75" (h)
Skull Token (2pc): 1.6" (w) x 1.6" (h)
"X" Crosshair: 0.5" (w) x 0.5" (h)
"Circle w/ Dot" Crosshair: 0.5" (w) x 0.5" (h)
"LOOTLIFE" Loot Bag: 1.25" (w) x 1.75" (h)
Crown (2pc): 1.9" (w) x 0.75" (h)
Dude holding Crown: 2" (w) x 3.75" (h)


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